More About Our Course Changes For 2019

An open letter from your race organizers

As we unveil our course information for 2019, we felt compelled to share the reason we decided, after just our second year, to change our route.

When we first developed our route, the host location, the bulk of the 5K route and first and final section of the half and full were made up of trail adjacent to a calm and quiet section of road. In just 2 years, that section of road has come to life with the addition of three large hotels, a housing development, a soon-to-open brewery, and an implement dealership and the potential for considerably more development. While we are excited to see our community grow, we are also concerned for the safety of our athletes and the flow of business for those located on Halligan Drive.

We are committed to keeping a route that is as safe as possible, mostly on trail, where the scenery is pleasant, and where we can maximize the support and engagement for and with our athletes. The North Platte Rec Center will host our 2019 race. We have ample space and amenities for both the expo and the race. The La Quinta Inn and Suites will continue as our host hotel, offering a special marathon rate. The Rec Center is a hub, near several sections of trail.

We were very proud of our designation as a Boston Qualifier for our first 2 years. We are currently busy working on certifying our new course. It is a very expensive and arduous process, and our committee members in charge will be working with an official from Colorado to make it happen. As a race committee, however, we felt compelled to let you know that there could be a chance that the process isn’t completed in time for this year. We are doing everything possible to make that happen, but wanted to be transparent. We know that most of our athletes are unconcerned about the BQ designation, but to those who are, we wanted you to know where we are.

Keep watching our website as we add additional course information.